Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Bird project 10 - Tree sparrow

Passer montanus Tree sparrow

Location: Hedgerows and trees immediately northeast of Todderstaff Hall, east of Staining, near Blackpool, Lancashire.
Conditions: Bright sunshine, cloudless skies, persistent icy northeasterly wind.
Photograph quality: 1 (but small).

Comments: This group of tree sparrows is resident at the location I visited today, from what I can judge by the local bird reports. I had no trouble locating them, though they spent most of their time fussing in the hedgerows, so clear shots weren't totally straightforward. However, I got a few shots - I should probably have gone to 1400mm (rather than sticking to 700mm) to get closer, but the light was good and (auto)focus accurate.

Note the all-brown heads and dark cheek spots that distinguish these from the much commoner house sparrow - and in this species, the sexes are alike.